About Us

Our mission is to reduce global heating by applying Cutting Edge Technologies to Industrial Production Side and contributing to green energy projects.

We conduct applied industrial basis solutions to test what leads companies to change their minds about the climate, and what leads them to change their actions. We put these insights to work in partnership with communities and policymakers.

Environmental adaptation through innovation and technology.

Our vision

Our vision is to be most diverse and exponential Deep-Tech Predictive Climate Tech company and support our clients on their road to Climate Adaptation.

Our Team

2EX Team Members scientist, engineers, mathematicians and more, committed to solving climate-centric issues, to ensure projected carbon emissions reductions are achieved and adjacent social benefits are realized.

Our Goals

Our Global Climate Commitment focus is a on environmental Adaptation by accelerating and achieving UN’s Sustainable development Goals.

Our focus on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Golas include:

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

Responsible consumption and production

Climate action

Partnership for the goals

Our Technology

2EX helps industries reduce their CO2 emission using cutting-edge Carbon Capture Utilize (CCU) Technology R2EX and CO2EX. The products can minimize CO2 levels and commit to SDG targets.

Independently Trackable, Verifiable, Transparent and Secure Digital Carbon Credit Protocol designed to help everyone on the road to NetZero emission.

R2EX Technologies are designed to prevent the release of CO2 generated through conventional power generation, industrial production processes, and more.

Our Network

Our aim is to create a multi-network related to industrial players, social platforms, and climate change to reduce carbon emissions, and we want to create a network so that our solutions become more efficient.

We would like you to join us on this path.