Jason Kaplowitz


Consumer Products & Services


Brand identity, Digital design


Maciej Kupis

Jason (Crazy Hair Chemist) works with public figures and business professionals serious about their health optimization. He is Certified Herbalist that loves both science and nature.


Jason mastered the art of hair regrowth and hair restoration and approached be++er to craft visual and digital identity that seamlessly marries the chemistry aesthetics with the organic beauty of the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from Jason’s unique blend of interests, be++er crafted a brand that not only communicates his expertise but also celebrates the harmony between science and nature that defines his practice.


Jason’s initial logo resembled kind of ‘Jonny Bravo’ look and he insisted on keeping it this way, as it in some extent reflexes his personality. To add natural fact to the symbol, the hair were designed from a leave that represents both nature and health. Mono/Nerd style typography captures and convey the spirit of science.


Everything, including colors, typography, photography, tone-of-voice, posters and digital were carefully selected and designed to cherish the relation between beauty and science. To create a brand that is easy to read and hard to forget.

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