Dash Aviation


Consumer Products & Services


Brand identity, Digital design


Maciej Kupis

Be++er design studio embarked on an exciting journey to create a truly remarkable branding for an aviation company led by a young and ambitious owner.


Dash Aviation wants to set up new standards in its industry by providing jet owners with 100% transparency in costs and management. 

“I want to make sure that not only their clients be assured that they have a strong management company to handle their travels and asset, but they can also be informed of anything they may want to know.”


With a deep understanding of the owner’s vision and aspirations, be++er set out to craft a brand identity that would leave a lasting impression.

Be++er began by conducting extensive research into the aviation industry, studying market trends, and analyzing competitors to identify opportunities for differentiation.

Drawing inspiration from the propeller movement with addition of dashes from logotype, be++er developed a unique logo that captured the essence of flight while expressing transparency and diverse services. The choice of a clean and minimalist aesthetic ensures that the branding remains timeless and versatile across various mediums.
The color palette was carefully selected, incorporating shades that conveyed trust, reliability, and a sense of adventure.
Typography played a crucial role in creating a clean and cohesive brand experience, with a balanced combination of modern and classic touch.

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