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Furniture / decorations

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modern brand company that takes inspiration for their products from the old Polish culture and heritage.


Your best pillow friend forever

Rather than creating another pillow cases brand as the decorative and static product, we wanted to create a home member that everyone will fall in love with.

Strategy & Analysis

Our research journey started with a strategy of what data is necessery and how to obtain it.
Case study interviews and consumer observation allowed us to delve deep into lives of individuals, that led to creation of consumer’s profile boards and brand perception map.

The analysis stage of the process generated insights about brand competition and market segmentation. Thus helping us shaping a very unique style and tone of the voice of the brand and defining the USPs.

The biggest challenge was to create something that links to Slavian tradition but also is modern and unexpected. The symbol was inspired by the ornament pattern from the Slavian culture with modern, timeless touch closed in a square pillow shape.
The name Titulova strongly emphesis the emotion of love - building relationship and trust from very beggining.