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Maciej Kupis

Hom2E is a freshly born, modern real estate company with a primary focus on Lofts, Industrial apartments, Houses, and Flats. The company’s aspiration is to be modern and to stand out in a very competitive market.

One of the biggest challenges when developing a brand strategy is to define how through the design we will achieve a strong, unique and meaningful brand identity. Before any creative work started we had developed a strategy that guided our design process.

In depth research and analysis generated insights about external competition and market segmentation as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. This lead to creation of the very unique style and tone of the voice.

The name is a simple word “home” with a number “2” inserted after the letter “m” which corresponds to the unit square meter, the main unit for measuring property size. It has a double meaning. The number 2 as the word can be red as” home “to” E – the letter “E” stands for “Everyhome”. Therefore can be read as “home to Everyhome” and this was also implemented in the communication strategy.

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