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Maciej Kupis

Megabyte solves foundational problems at the cutting edge of AI/ML.


The company helps elevate brand’s presence and create lasting connections with their fans by delivering highly engaging and responsive user experiences based on data analysis.


Megabyte clearly had an advance technology and innovative solutions, so be++er design studio’s challenge was to create and visualise narrative to reflect their competences.

Be++er design studio’s approach started with understanding megabyte’s brand and the market in which they operate.


Drawing inspiration from their brand name “megabyte” (a form of data storage, represented by a square), blended with the human factor (symbolized by a circle), we created round-shaped squares that became the foundation of their communication and established a more cohesive look and feel for their brand.


By thoughtfully reducing unnecessary design elements, seamlessly integrating the round-square shapes, and incorporating animation, we’ve created an engaging, impactful, and exceptional visual identity and digital experience.

Be++er design studio, through skillful reduction of unnecessary design elements and the merging of data and human factors within a single shape, successfully created an engaging and cohesive visual language.

Every element of Megabyte’s visual identity, from the logo to the playful, data-inspired icons and typography, reflect their core principle of blending technology and human connection. This creates a consistent and memorable brand image that effectively conveys their values of innovation, engagement and collaboration.

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