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Maciek Kupis

Digital Transformation with reponos progresses beyond the technology hype. The team of highly professional specialists always seek for new ways of pushing forward to reduce effort, shorten the time to outcome, and increase satisfaction and results.

Reponos is an IT consulting firm that also provides cloudbased solutions. The company uses digital technologies to create new, or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to help their clients meet rapidly changing market requirements.
The company had outstanding quality services and needed identity that will translate their sills to more business oriented, yet simplified language.
Be++er design studio helped Reponos clarify their message, their values and create a distinctive, consumer friendly image.

Reponos operates in a technology environment and has extensive knowledge of the all technical aspects related to their products and services. On the other hand, the company’s goal is to provide services to SMEs owners who have little or limited knowledge of IT solutions and technologies.

A deep research of Reponos’ market, industry’s common trends, competition and target group provided fundamental insights that helped us make confident design decisions.
We have created a unique brand that can be trusted and speaks the language of their core audience. The entire identity was built based on simplicity. The information architecture, structure and marketing communication are clear and easy to understand. The type family Work Sans bases loosely on early Grotesques. The regular weights of the family are optimized for on-screen text usage and can also be used in print design.
The unique symbol represents the letters ‘r’ and ‘p’ and is based on one of the simplest shapes that also represent storage of information. It tells a story of data simplification. Gathering all the inputs and transforming them into simple digital data.

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