Renewable Energy


Brand identity, Digital design


Maciej Kupis

Based in Finland, Windly™ is an entrepreneur-driven commercial advisory boutique specializing in renewables and decarbonization.


Through expertise and tailored strategies, the company aims to deliver comprehensive solutions that optimize energy consumption, minimize environmental impact, and drive sustainable growth.


Windly™, led by highly knowledgable individuals, had everything but an Identity that will truly reflect their professional, analytical approach and forward thinking.

The entire process started with external and internal research.
Close collaboration with Windly fostered a partnership build on trust and open communication. This collaborative spirit enabled be++er to delve into the Windly’s vision, aspirations, and target audience, leading to a more impactful brand identity.


The ultimate goal was to help Windly™ create a more meaningful, professional and authentic connection with their customers.


Be++er paid tremendous attention to every detail, ensuring that each element, from the logo to the color palette and typography, aligns seamlessly with the brand’s narrative.

Wave – created by solar energy, shaped by windmill or resulted from charts and analyses – gave foundation for the entire brand identity. The unique approach is the outcome of research, various analysis and a brave experimentation.

As all forms of energy are associated with motion, be++er design studio applied this fact to the waves created by chart bars, resulting in an exceptional key visual that represents not only data analysis but also energy and Windly’s forward thinking.

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